The Growth Gallery of Human Embryo Digestive System

Modeling the human embryo digestive system with HyperFun modeling language. Models are generated from a 2D line segments skeletons. The HyperFun file format and the final images are generated with POVray raytracing program.

Artistic Drawings
www.hyperfun.org_app_digestive_drawings_a.jpg www.hyperfun.org_app_digestive_drawings_b.jpg www.hyperfun.org_app_digestive_drawings_c.jpg www.hyperfun.org_app_digestive_drawings_d.jpg www.hyperfun.org_app_digestive_drawings_e.jpg
Age: 4 weeks
Size: 3 - 5 mm
Age: 5 weeks
Size: 7 - 10 mm
Age: 6 weeks
Size: 9 - 14 mm
Age: 10 weeks
Size: 50 mm
Age: 3 months
Size: 50 - 71 mm
Skeleton Modelling
www.hyperfun.org_app_digestive_drawings_d.jpg www.hyperfun.org_app_digestive_skeleton_s2.jpg www.hyperfun.org_app_digestive_skeleton_s1.jpg
Artistic drawing of 3 months old human embryo. 2D skeleton contains 6 parts and 177 line segments.

Skeleton is a set of 3D points connected by lines. To better model the features of organ growth and different thickness of whole digestive system, skeleton is divided to 6 parts. It is modeled in 3D Studio Max v.4 and converted to HF format. In HF format skeleton is recognized as a set of line segments (skeleton primitives), where each of the line segments has his own HF parameter S and T. S and T parameters define the Line segments are connected by operations union or blending union. There are 177 line segments in our model. The parameters for the each parts of the model are as follow:

Rendered 3D models of human embryo digestive system with cover
www.hyperfun.org_app_digestive_models_k70.jpg www.hyperfun.org_app_digestive_models_k50.jpg
www.hyperfun.org_app_digestive_models_k35.jpg www.hyperfun.org_app_digestive_models_k00.jpg
Rendered 3D models of human embryo digestive system without cover
www.hyperfun.org_app_digestive_models_m1.jpg www.hyperfun.org_app_digestive_models_m2.jpg
VRML model
VRML model

Project authors: Silvester Czanner, Roman Durikovic, Software Department, Computer Graphics Laboratory The University of Aizu, Aizu-Wakamatsu,Fukushima, 96 880 JAPAN © 2001

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