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Modern computer graphics CG and computer-aided design CAD can produce nice looking 3D pictures with a lot of details. This makes an impression that all problems are solved and improvement can be achieved only using more powerful computers and special graphics processors. However, more close inspection shows that actually CG and CAD are in crisis, because they cannot solve known and serious problems.

For example, if we cut out the head of the CG dragon, we will find that it is empty and dark inside. It means the CG dragon is similar to a painted paper toy. More realistic view of a cut neck is shown at the right. Traditional CG cannot reach this level of realism.

3D dragon in CG
dragon2.jpg 3D dragon with the cut out head: empty inside
neck.jpg Inside a realistic dragon’s neck

Nice looking surfaces are actually not precise and often have cracks if checked closely. Such a model if produced on a milling machine or some other fabricator can result in a pile of scrap metal because the drill bit will go down thorugh the hole. There is a sector of CAD industry working on tools for fixing CAD models, for example, CADfix software ( Japanese, English)

mirror1_140.jpg Car mirror CAD model
mirror2_140.jpg Zoom to the surface cracks

Good looking CG and CAD models are usually huge, 100 megabytes and more. Internet transfer of such models is very slow and download to a mobile phone is impossible.

Downloading and checking a CAD model on a mobile phone: mission still impossible

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