POV-Ray 3.6 with HyperFun support

This is unofficial build of POV-ray ray-tracer. A new keyword was added to support HyperFun models.


First, you need to download and install official POV-Ray 3.6 from here.

After that, you need to download POV-Ray binaries with HyperFun support from here.

Unzip the contents of archive to the {POV-Ray installation folder}\bin, overwrite existing files. Note that you need to close POV-Ray before replacing binaries.

After that you have POV-ray with HyperFun support.


For documentation on POV-Ray please see POV-Ray’s internal help.

HyperFun support

A new object ‘hyperfun’ deriver from ‘isosurface’ was added. Below you will find syntax:

hyperfun {
  [contained_by { SPHERE | BOX }]
  [hf_object STRING]
  [hf_mapping ARRAY_MAP]
  [hf_parameters ARRAY]
  [hf_attrmap ARRAY_MAP]
  [hf_time FLOAT_VALUE]
  [threshold FLOAT_VALUE]
  [accuracy FLOAT_VALUE]
  [max_gradient FLOAT_VALUE]
  [evaluate P0, P1, P2]
  [max_trace INTEGER] | [all_intersections]

Default values:

contained_by : box{-1,1}
hf_object "my_model"
hf_mapping <x,y,z>
hf_parameters 0
hf_attrmap <r,g,b>
hf_time 0.0
threshold : 0.0
accuracy : 0.001
max_gradient 1.1
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