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The growth gallery of Human Embryo Brain

Modeling the human embryo brain with HyperFun modeling language. Models are generated from a 2D central skeletons sketched by hand, shown on the most left images. The complete skeletons generated automatically consist of triangular patches as shown in middle images. Both, the HyperFun file formats and the final images are generated with the POVRay raytracing program. POVRay source of each respective model consists of macros that saves the output in the HyperFun format which is then used in raytracer again for rendering. The HyperFun files can be visualized separately using a Hyper Fun visualizer.

Project authors: Silvester Czanner, Roman Durikovic, Software Department, Computer Graphics Laboratory The University of Aizu, Aizu-Wakamatsu,Fukushima, 96 880 JAPAN © 2001

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