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HyperFun Applications

Augmented Sculpture

tri_sla1.jpg Go to project page

In this project, real physical sculptures are modeled and then used for producing new shapes in procedural or interactive ways; and new physical sculptures are created using rapid prototyping technology.

Modeling Human Embryo

Modeling the human embryo growth using HyperFun modeling language. Models are generated from 2D central skeletons sketched by hand.

Modeling Human Embryo Digestive System

Modeling Human Embryo Brain

Animation "Homotopic Fun in 5D Space"

h5d_center300.jpg Go to project page

In the animation “Homotopic Fun in 5D space,” we present a time-dependent version of bi-directional metamorphosis

navi2.jpg Go to project page

This application provides real time navigation and carving in a volumetric scene generated using voxelization of a HyperFun model.

Virtual Shikki

sakeset_200.jpg Go to project page

This application provides 3D visualization (VRML format) of HyperFun models (marked as HF) of the lacquer ware products (called “shikki”) of the Aizu region. These visualizations are a step toward virtual conservation of an 800 year traditional craft.

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