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Polygonal-Functional Hybrids for Computer Animation and Games


We present an approach utilising hybrid models, combining together both polygonal and Function Representation models. We perform model evaluation and rendering entirely on the GPU using NVidia CUDA SDK. Our approach allows us to produce animations involving dramatic changes of the shape (e.g. metamorphosis, mimicked viscoelastic behaviour, character modifications etc) and interactively create complex shapes with changing topology in short times.

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A chapter in GPU Pro

The original paper:
D. Kravtsov, O. Fryazinov, V. Adzhiev, A. Pasko, P. Comninos, “Embedded Implicit Stand-Ins for Animated Meshes: A Case of Hybrid Modelling”, Computer Graphics Forum Volume 29, Issue 1, pages 128–140, March 2010 PDF (preprint)

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