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Heterogeneous Objects Modelling and Applications (2008) book

  • An Implicit Complexes Framework for Heterogeneous Objects Modelling
    Elena Kartasheva, Valery Adzhiev, Peter Comninos, Oleg Fryazinov and Alexander Pasko
  • Heterogeneous Object Design: An Integrated CAX Perspective
    X. Y. Kou and S. T. Tan
  • The HybridTree: A Hybrid Constructive Shape Representation for Free-Form Modeling
    Rémi Allègre, Eric Galin, Raphaëlle Chaine and Samir Akkouche
  • Modelling Function-Based Mixed-Dimensional Objects with Attributes
    Benjamin Schmitt, Alexander Pasko, Valery Adzhiev, Galina Pasko and Christophe Schlick
  • SARDF: Signed Approximate Real Distance Functions in Heterogeneous Objects Modeling
    Pierre-Alain Fayolle, Alexander Pasko and Benjamin Schmitt
  • Feature-Based Material Blending for Heterogeneous Object Modeling
    Kuntal Samanta and Bahattin Koc
  • Constructive Hypervolume Modeling Using Extended Space Mappings
    Benjamin Schmitt, Alexander Pasko and Christophe Schlick
  • Optimization of Continuous Heterogeneous Models
    Jiaqin Chen and Vadim Shapiro
  • Automation of the Volumetric Models Construction
    Pierre-Alain Fayolle, Alexander Pasko, Elena Kartasheva, Christophe Rosenberger and Christian Toinard
  • Heterogeneous Modeling of Biological Organs and Organ Growth
    Roman Ďurikovič, Silvester Czanner, Július Parulek and Miloš Šrámek
  • Universal Desktop Fabrication
    Turlif Vilbrandt, Evan Malone, Hod Lipson and Alexander Pasko

Available at: Springer website

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