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Hybrid system architecture for volume modeling

A hybrid volume modeling system architecture was proposed. The key architectural decision of the system design is based on the combination of volume representations by voxel data and by real continuous functions (F-rep). The concept of the volume model, hybrid voxel-function representation, system input in different forms, and possible applications are discussed.

Examples illustrating the proposed approach:
hetor0_100.jpg hetor1_100.jpg hetor2_100.jpg hetor3_100.jpg hetor4_100.jpg
Metamorphosis between a voxel head and F-rep union of three tori.

child_150.jpg(a) shot3_150.jpg(b) shot4_150.jpg©

Interactive flight through a voxel model: (a) isosurface extracted from the entire voxelized F-rep model; (b,c) snapshots of the camera view during the flight.

Details can be found in the paper:
V. Adzhiev, M. Kazakov, A. Pasko, V. Savchenko “Hybrid system architecture for volume modeling”, Computers & Graphics, Pergamon Press, vol. 24, No. 1, 2000, pp. 67-78.
Electronic version: PostScript + gzip (1.56 Mb)

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