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HyperFun: News and Events

  • HyperFun in the Advanced Graphics course at the University of Cambridge, UK, 2011-2012
  • HyperFun school in Chiyoda district of Tokyo
    September 2002, Chiyoda district of Tokyo (with Akihabara Electric Town) supported the HyperFun school organized by Linux Cafe . It is a 4-week HyperFun course for elementary and junior-high students (one day on weekend from 10 am to 4 pm). See photo report and models made by children using HyperFun with attributes extension.
  • LSM HyperFun Workshop
    The HyperFun workshop was held at the Libre Software Meeting (Bordeaux, France, 6-7 July, 2001) on July 7, the second day of the computer graphics session.
  • Exhibition ACM1: Beyond Cyberspace
    The HyperFun project was presented at the ACM1 exhibition (San Jose, USA, March 10-14, 2001) organized by Association for Computing Machinery.
  • Computer Science Summer Camps 2000-2002
    More than 60 junior-high and high school students each year learnt shape modeling using HyperFun at the University of Aizu. The event was organized by C. Vilbrandt, Y. Goto, and many master students as instructors.
  • Implicit Surfaces'99 Workshop
    The first HyperFun project presentation at the Implicit Surfaces'99 workshop (Bordeaux, France, 13-15 September, 1999) organized by Eurographics and ACM SIGGRAPH.
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