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HyperFun: Applet



To run the applet

  1. Check if the required Java tools are installed.
  2. Click on the image above to load the applet.
  3. Click the “Polygonize” button to test.
  4. Rotate the object using left mouse button.


This is a prototype version of the HyperFun applet under development. To run the applet on your PC, the following Java tools have to be installed:

  • Java 2 JRE
  • Java 3D JRE

The applet was tested with different browsers on Windows, Linux, and OSX with installed Java 2 Runtime Environment, SE and Java 3D (OpenGL) Runtime.

Features and limitations

New features:

  • Direct export of STL files to a client computer (no extra text window)
  • Opening HF file from the local disk
  • Direct export of the polygonal mesh in the POVRay format
  • Convolution surface primitives are supported
  • Export of VRML files to a client computer

Supported FRep library functions and defaults.

Current limitations:

  • Error message does not provide error details.
  • Only a single object is processed.

Please, report found bugs to

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