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Primitive: Bézier spline object [Schmitt, Pasko, and Savchenko 1999]

Definition: Object defined by F>=0, where F is a Bezier spline function of three variables
F(u,v,w) = sum{i=0}{l}{}sum{j=0}{n}{}sum{k=0}{m}{}B_i(u)B_j(v)B_k(w)P_{ijk}
P_{ijk} - Control points of the Bézier volume. Only the fourth coordinnate is used

Call: hfBezierSplineF(x,l,m,n,bbox,ctr_pts);


x - point coordinates

l,m,n - number of control points on each axis

bbox - array defining the bounding box of the object

ctr_pts - array of values for each control point

Test file: bezierf.hf

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