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Transformation: Cubic space mapping

Definition: Space mapping (deformation) controlled by moving arbitrary points in space. Inverse Mapping:
x{prime} = x - sum{}{}{{delta x_i}*(1-v_i)^3/(1+v_i)}
y{prime} = y - sum{}{}{{delta y_i}*(1-v_i)^3/(1+v_i)}
z{prime} = z - sum{}{}{{delta z_i}*(1-v_i)^3/(1+v_i)}
v_i - ((x-x_{ai})^2+(y-y_{ai})^2+(z-z_{ai})^2)/b^2
(x,y,z)_{ai} - x,y,z coordinnates of the ith moved point

Call: hfSpaceMapCubic(xt,original_points,delta_points,b);


xt - point coordinates array to be changed

original_points - Array of moved control points

delta_points - Array of values for the displacements of the moved points

b - parameter determining the incluence of the mapping

Test file: spacemap.hf

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