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Reconstruction from surface points and contours

A femur reconstructed from cross-sections (left image) and the Mars sattelite Phobos reconstructed from scatterred surface points (right image).

Our general approach to the reconstruction using Radial Basis Functions (RBF) is described in the paper:

Savchenko V.V., Pasko A.A., Okunev O.G., Kunii T.L. “Function representation of solids reconstructed from scattered surface points and contours”, Computer Graphics Forum, vol.14, No.4, 1995, pp.181-188.
Electronic version: PDF (356K)

Reconstruction of the femur and operations on it are discussed in the paper:

Savchenko V.V., Pasko A.A. “Reconstruction from contour data and sculpting 3D objects”, Journal of Computer Aided Surgery, vol.1 Supl., Proceedings of Second International Symposium on Computer Aided Surgery ISCAS'95 (October 14, 1995, Tokyo, Japan), 1995, pp.56-57.
Electronic version: PostScript (357K) and PostScript + gzip (114K)

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