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<b><span style="font-size:20px;">Fabricating Custom Jewelry Designs Using Math!</span></b>

Together with the design school Breivang in Tromsø, northern Norway, students learned how to take their designs from a paper sketch, to a 3D digital model, to a fabricated, custom piece of silver jewelry.

Along the way they also learned how math applies to real world examples by using HyperFun to produce 3D models of their objects. Other skills they learned: beginning programming skills, and an introduction to manufacturing tools such as the Roland Modela, and the FabatHome 3D printer.

After the students first lessons in 3D applications (using both SketchUp as an easy introduction into the 3D world and HyperFun), the designs moved from paper to digital models. The next step was to wax cast using the Roland Modela.

The students learn how to use the Roland Modela.

The Modela software.

The exploding duck pendant.

The guitar pendant and the astrological sign pendant.

Another pendant design.

Next, rubber casts were made.

The students then used a very unique silver clay and carefully painted this into their rubber molds.

Using a portable kiln, the jewelry was fired at high temperature.

And finally, after a little polishing, the finished jewelry products!

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